Hey, I'm Nommiin. I'm a software and games programmer based in the United States. I'm currently working on Among Us with Innersloth 💛.
From software to games, I've spent the last years learning numerous languages and engines to get the job done. See my current and past work below.


Works & Contributions!

videogame_asset Among Us (2021 - Current, C#/Unity)

Backend programmer working on the game's server and other front-end networking related tasks

videogame_asset RetroMania Wrestling (2021, GML)

Additional programming to prepare the game for unique platform, adjustment to user interface to scale to any resolution, assisted in Steamworks game configuration

videogame_asset Wonder Wickets (2018, GML)

Assistant programmer handling online multiplayer, Steam Workshop integration, Discord Rich Presence integration, steganography-based level image exporting, optimizations, porting, tools, demo changes

videogame_asset Forager (2019 - 2021, GML)

Lead programmer handling online multiplayer, porting assistance, bug fixes & reports, etc

build builder (2019 - 2020, JS)

A GMEdit plugin that allows for project compilation in-editor without the need of having the GMS 2 IDE open

videogame_asset luna (2020 - Current, C#)

A custom re-implementation of the GameMaker interpreter written in C#

videogame_asset minos (2019, GML)

A small scale clone of the popular game "Tetris" made in GameMaker Studio 2

videogame_asset Another Metroid 2 Remake (2016)

Prerelease play testing

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Contact Me!

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! If you'd like to get in touch about working with me then don't hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter or send me an email!